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The number of young baseball players taking to the field has never been higher – both in the United States as well as the rest of the world. With the ever-increasing number of participants on the field and teams becoming more competitive, ballplayers are practicing more, playing more games, and playing year round.  However, with the increase in frequency of playing, injuries have also been on the rise.  The large majority of these injuries occur to the throwing shoulder and elbow.

Take a look at these numbers:

  • From youth baseball to professional baseball, there are more than 50,000 injuries per year
  • 15% of college-level pitchers say the troubles in their current performance are based on injuries received when playing youth baseball
  • Nearly 50% of all shoulder injuries occur in pitchers
  • Muscle strains/incomplete tears are the most common shoulder injuries in baseball and a greater percentage of these occur in practice rather than competition

Are you on your way to becoming just another injury statistic?

You don’t have to be!  What if you could lower the chance of throwing-related injuries?  All you need is a little direction and dedication.

Enter ARMing for Success

ARMing for Success will guide you to a better understanding of the shoulder, show you the steps to take to lower the chance of injury, and show you what you can do to take your shoulder’s performance to the next level.

Here's what you'll learn in ARMing for Success

  • Resistance Band Exercises

    The top 7 band exercises every baseball player should be doing with photos and descriptions on how to perform each

  • Dynamic Warm-up Movements

    10 dynamic warm-up movements to properly warm-up your entire body with photos and exercise descriptions

  • Long Toss

    Why it’s important for all ballplayers and how to properly integrate long toss into your throwing program

  • Sample Throwing Session

    An entire throwing session laid out in order – dynamic warm-up, resistance band routine, long toss setup, and post-throwing conditioning routine

  • Sample Throwing Schedule

    How to structure your throwing schedule during the off-season and pre-season

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Check Out What Others Are Saying About This eBook

ARMing for Success is an outstanding resource for baseball players at any level with regard to arm care, arm strengthening, and arm maintenance.  Phil Tognetti brilliantly takes the approach of educating his readers about how the shoulder works and the reasons behind injuries so as to devise a plan for strengthening and maintaining a healthy arm.  We use many of the same dynamic warm up exercises, band work, and post throwing conditioning in our program and have seen results inasmuch as we haven’t had a pitcher miss a start because of injuries in 6 years.  The ARMing for Success program and its exercises and drills is the reason why.  Every baseball player and coach should use this tremendous resource for arm care and performance enhancement.

Jake Boss
Jake Boss Head Coach, Michigan State University

Phil Tognetti has done extensive research in the area of prevention of shoulder injury and performance enhancement, as well as advanced thoughts on conditioning for pitchers.  He has also created a great device that promotes recovery from throwing and workouts.  At UC Irvine, we have found his research and ideas to be a great asset in these critical areas, and suggest to the baseball community that his work will benefit all of us.

Mike Gillespie
Mike Gillespie Head Coach, University of California-Irvine

I found ARMing for Success to be a thorough explanation of a plan that is very similar to what we use to protect our pitchers.  I think all pitchers that have not begun their college or pro careers should be exposed to this.  It is very difficult to impress upon our newcomers the importance of what we call our pre-throwing program.  Unfortunately it seems pitching instruction and travel baseball focuses solely on velocity, as that is what kids pay for.  A complete disregard for player health is rampant.

Jeff Opalewski
Jeff Opalewski Assistant Baseball Coach & Recruiting Coordinator, Central Michigan University

Phil Tognetti was a special student-athlete at Hart HS and the University of Michigan, and this presentation is truly an example of his special talents.  The necessary preparation and essential exercises detailed in Phil’s ARMing for Success provides all players with the core knowledge to be successful at any level of baseball.

Jim Ozella
Jim Ozella Head Coach, Hart High School (Newhall, CA)

As a former college softball player and current fastpitch coach, I have seen many unfortunate shoulder injuries in softball players of all ages.  When I first found the ARMing for Success program, I was skeptical about its application for softball, as well its usefulness for a wide range of players.  I am pleased to say that this program is the most concise and informational product I have seen available.  Not only is the information relevant to both baseball and softball, but it is also useful for players and coaches of all ages and abilities.  ARMing for Success is a complete program for both shoulder health and performance.  I recommend that any player interested in improving their game, any parent interested in better preparing their child, and any coach who wants to see their players succeed read the ARMing for Success program and implement it into their life.

Jenna Straight
Jenna Straight Softball Coach and Strength & Conditioning Coach, www.JennaStraight.com (Phoenix, AZ)

ARMing for Success offers accurate material as well as effective techniques and tips to prevent injury and improve function.   This eBook successfully sets up take home messages, exercises, and programs that can be implemented immediately.  Phil has provided a great tool that can be used for all levels and ages!

Matt Dykema PT, DPT
Matt Dykema PT, DPT Physical Therapist (Colorado Springs, CO)

Retail Price: $47          Now Only: $37

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Post Throwing Video Preview

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  • Bonus #3 - Two articles by Alan Jaeger on how to set up your throwing program if you deal with poor weather or live in a cold climate AND how to set up an in-season throwing program for pitchers

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There is no risk whatsoever on your part. The burden to deliver is entirely on me.

You can’t really afford not to invest in ARMing for Success. It’s easy to get started. Just click the button below, and an email will be sent to your email address. It will contain a link to download the book onto your computer. It’s that simple.

Retail Price: $47          Now Only: $37

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